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Electronic flea comb for cats and dogs

On 2023-08-27




There is now an excellent effective way to kill fleas in your dog or cat without using chemicals or flea collars thanks to the electronic flea comb designed especially for all types of cats and dogs because its use is safe for the pet.

In addition to being able to comb a pet, the role of the electronic flea comb for cats and dogs is to instantly eliminate fleas via the emission of light painless and harmless electrical charges for the animal from the stainless steel teeth of the electronic comb.

In order to facilitate its use, the electronic flea comb cat dog is generally offered wireless and powered by AA batteries.


How to use an electronic flea comb for cats and dogs?

An electronic flea comb dog cat works as simply as a traditional comb. However, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

It is necessary to start by gently passing the electronic flea comb on the head of the dog or cat then the neck and shoulders and, to finish pass the comb on the back, tail and paws (fleas can hide under the armpits, near the groin, around the neck, at the base of the ear and tail).

For a better optimization of the anti-flea device, it is advisable to comb the animal in the direction of the hair and immerse the electronic flea comb in water after a few passes to eliminate fleas or eggs trapped between the teeth of the comb.


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