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Collar with sound tracking for dogs

On 2023-08-21




Not to be confused with the GPS collar for dogs that allows you to geolocate an animal, the collar with sound tracking for dogs is a hearing device that can locate a dog when it is stationary and also in motion for some high-end models latest generation.

Initially designed and developed to spot pointing dogs and hunting dogs, the sound tracking collar for dogs adapts also to pet dogs during dog walks and to professionals of the animal world such as canine educators so as not to lose dogs and puppies during canine training or during a collective cani-hike.

The principle of the dog sound tracking collar is simple because it is a sound device fixed on a dog collar that emits different sounds or beeps depending on the chosen programming and the model of sound tracking collar for dog. In function models for sale, the hearing range varies between 100 meters and 200 meters with the possibility of adjusting the sensitivity of the movement and the sound volume.

Some models of sound tracking collars for dogs are waterproof to immersion and have a great operating autonomy of several days.


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