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Pet care & Feline canine pension near Zoo Beauval

On 2022-08-11

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Unlike Disneyland Paris park, which has a pet-friendly reception, Beauval Zoo does not have a dog daycare in its zoological park while Beauval Zoo has 4 pet-friendly hotels.


In order to allow dog keeping or more rarely cat guarding during a visit to the Zoo Parc de Beauval, it is necessary to call on a canine boarding house or a dog nursery nearby in Saint-Aignan or nearby in Blois, Chambord, Tours and Vierzon for example.

It is strongly recommended to go in advance to book either a canine pension or a dog daycare because most of them are often full and overwhelmed with various requests. The foster family for animals represents another solution for dog care between individuals or cat care between individuals. The host family for dogs includes dog sitting and walking like a dog-walker.


To keep a dog for a few hours or a whole day, it is possible to contact "Au Paradis du Doggy" the dog daycare near the Beauval Zoo located in Bracieux north of the Beauval Zoo in the direction of Paris. The nursery for dogs "Au Paradis du Doggy" benefits from a quiet secure plot with a leisure park for dogs of 50m ² (games, swimming pool ...) and individual boxes.

Consult the identity sheet of the daycare for dogs "Au Paradis du Doggy" on the free directory by clicking on the following link:

Pet care Canine pension


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