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Animal guard Paris, Pet-sitter on electric scooter

On 2022-08-15

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In addition to dog boarding houses, dog daycares, hotels for cats and pet foster families, the dog-sitter and cat-sitter are highly sought after by individuals in Paris for dog care at home, dog walking or cat care at home including a move of the professional pet-sitter or pet-sitter between individuals.

To do this, most Paris pet-sitters travel by car within the intramural capital but some actors in the care of animals dog, cat and nac take the metro, the bus or use an electric scooter to get to the home of pet owners.


Indeed, a pet-sitter at home does not require any equipment to carry and can therefore move according to his locomotion preferences.

In a big city like Paris, because of the high population density, traffic jams are numerous every day and journeys can become long when using a vehicle.

Also, in Paris as in the majority of major cities throughout France, more and more dog-walkers or cat-sitters make use of either a bike, a scooter, public transport or an electric scooter.

Apart from the financial savings made, a Paris pet-sitter who favors the travel by electric scooter saves time, spends less energy and thus offers organized pet sitting services.


On the internet, it is easy to find a specialized Paris pet-sitter for home visits via the free online directory which lists all animal services and pet service providers anywhere in France.

If you want to offer your pet care services in Paris 75 Ile-de-France, you can place your ad on by clicking on the following link:

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