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CBD for pets dog cat, Pros & Cons

On 2023-07-04

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Whether administered in liquid or solid form, CBD is considered safe and beneficial for cats and dogs. CBD causes favorable effects for pets anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-seizure and does not present any risk of intoxication or psychic syndrome. In addition, CBD for dog cats helps relieve temporary or chronic pain and significantly reduce symptoms related to arthritis, depression and insomnia. 

Also, pets that suffer from digestive problems or heart problems can be helped thanks to the benefits of CBD. Studies assure that CBD is effective in calming brain activity and improving the mood of dogs and cats.

However, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian before administering CBD to a pet. Depending on the animal, the veterinarian advises on CBD products for animals and can check the composition of CBD products.

It is also possible to hire an animal naturopath for advice on purchasing CBD products for animals and some animal naturopaths sell CBD products for dog cats.


What are the side effects of CBD for pets?

Studies on adverse effects are few but adverse effects have been found in some animals taking CBD. Studies mainly mention drowsiness, hypotension and diarrhea. Apart from the physical side effects, CBD can sometimes create excessive lethargy in the animal, to be monitored.


What are the different CBD products for dog cats?

There are several CBD products for dogs and cats for sale on the internet or in specialty shops. There are CBD oils for animals, CBD treats for animals, CBD sprays for animals as well as CBD balms for animals. It is advisable to choose a quality product, checking the origin and purity of the product and if possible to have the CBD product checked by a veterinarian

Good to know: Organic CBD BIO certification is an important criterion for verifying the origin and quality of a CBD product.


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