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Collar with built-in GPS without subscription for dogs

On 2023-08-07

In Pet News



The GPS collar for dogs with or without subscription is used by individuals for their pet as well as by professionals from the animal world such as hunters, dog trainers and dog boarding houses

The information communicated and the geolocation are transmitted on smartphone and tablet via an application or through an electronic compass remote control. The dog collar with integrated GPS allows you to geolocate a dog or several dogs in real time with more or less precision and a location range between 10 kilometers and 20 kilometers depending on the model GPS dog collar


A GPS dog collar works thanks to a GPS (Global Positioning System) system integrated into the dog's collar. This system uses satellite signals to determine the position of the animal to within about 5 meters. The most efficient models of dog GPS collars are equipped with a high sensitivity GPS and allow you to use GPS satellite positioning systems, Galileo, Glonass and QZSS.

We mainly distinguish the GPS collar for dogs with an integrated GPS module and the GPS collar for dogs with a removable GPS module but all models of GPS collars are available with or without a subscription. Collars with an integrated GPS module without subscription are generally easier to use and more expensive to buy than models of dog gps collars with subscription but the dog gps collar with subscription is more expensive in the medium or long term due to the paid membership like GPS collars for dogs with a SIM card that grant unlimited location. The GPS collar with SIM card for dog also called dog position tracker is connected to a telephone network and works through a paid subscription.


What prices to buy a gps collar for dog?

The prices dog GPS collar without subscription vary between 400 euros and 600 euros and the prices dog GPS collar with subscription oscillate between 100 euros and 300 euros approximately.


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