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Surveillance camera for animals & onboard camera dog cat

On 2023-08-15

In Pet News



The pet surveillance camera and the cat camera collar or dog camera collar have a different use but are used to track or monitor a pet.

A pet surveillance camera is easy to use, easy to install and works like a traditional surveillance camera using an internet connection to transmit live images and videos of your pet and your home on computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Depending on the model, a surveillance camera for pets can be fixed on a wall or simply placed or hidden in different rooms of a habitat or a store depending on the user whether it is an individual or a professional from the animal world such as a zoo, animal shelter, pet store, veterinarian or a dog boarding house, feline pension, equine pension, dog breeder, feline breeder and equine breeder

Note that some models of surveillance cameras for dog cat nac benefit from practical features such as motion detector and night vision to allow remote use of the device 24 hours a day regardless of the level of brightness and detect any anomalies. In addition to these advanced options, the best pet surveillance camera has built-in speakers to communicate verbally remotely with his pet.

The onboard camera for dog cat is an ultra-light miniature camera that attaches to the collar of the animal and allows to follow or monitor a dog or cat during its walks. Some models of onboard cameras for dogs cats benefit from a motion detector and night vision to film day and night all the escapades and encounters of your pet.


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