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Disneyland Paris animal services - Hotel & Dog care

On 2021-09-26

In Pet News



Taking your dog to Disneyland Paris for the day or staying several days with your pet to visit the most visited amusement park in France is perfectly possible.

The Disneyland Paris Park offers various services for animals in order to facilitate the reception of dogs mainly.


Regarding accommodations, one can easily find a hotel that accepts pets within Disney Park such as Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch hotel which allows the accommodation of dogs but also the purchase of food and other dog products in the Boutique of Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch.

Around the Disneyland Paris Park, there are many pet-friendly hotels such as the B&B hotel in Magny-le-Hongre 77700, the Résidence du Parc Val d'Europe hotel in Montévrain 77144 or the Elysée Val d'Europe hotel in Serris 77700 and the Relais Spa Val d'Europe hotel in Chessy 77700.


Regarding the keeping of animals, in this case the dog guard and the cat guard, it is necessary to organize because dogs are prohibited in Disneyland Park with the exception of dogs for blind people.

To do this, Disneyland Paris provides visitors (Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village and Disney Hotels) with the Animal Welcome Center which welcomes dogs and cats under certain conditions, namely the presentation the veterinary passport or the animal's vaccination record and certificate.


Be careful, you can not book or pre-book and depending on the availability of the Animal Welcome Center of Disneyland Paris Park, it is sometimes necessary to provide another solution for the care of animals and to contact other kennels not far from the Disney Park or to call on a pet guard between individuals or a professional pet-sitter close to the Disney Park as which offers different services for animals such as dog-walker, dog-walking, pet sitting (dog guard, cat guard) or animal transport service as a certified animal taxi.