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Dog guard & Cat guard in Belgium

On 2021-11-25

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Whether it is the city of Brussels, Mons, Bruges, Tournai, Antwerp or Ghent and Liège, Belgium is provided with a strong demand from individuals for dog care, cat care and NAC for different reasons. Belgians regularly go on holiday abroad and their busy daily schedule requires them to look for dog-sitter or cat-sitter in order to take care of pets for dog walking or feeding a cat.

To do this, pet-sitters offer their pet care and home visit services to a clientele that is generally well-off and attentive to the well-being of their pet during their absence. Also in vogue, canine and feline boarding houses see their number increase each year in order to meet even more complete animal needs and services with a continuous presence or very regular dog guard or cat guard.

Most individuals use a professional pet-sitter in order to obtain a tax invoice but there is also the care of animals between individuals with generous people and passionate about animals.


What prices for a dog walker or pet care in Belgium?

The dog-walker price is almost identical everywhere in Belgium whether you are in Mons, Tournai, Brussels, Wavre, Bruges, Liège, Ghent, Antwerp, Charleroi or Namur. It is a home service with generalized prices that oscillate between 15 € and 25 € per trip depending on the qualification of the pet sitter and the missions to be carried out.


What are the sanitary rules to respect for dog care or cat care in Belgium?

Regarding the mandatory health rules, all dog-sitters and cat-sitters in Belgium must wear a mask during visits to the home of individuals, clean their hands and all accessories handled with hydro-alcoholic gel and equip themselves with sanitary napkins.





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