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"Emprunte Mon Toutou" is embedded in animal guard sites

On 2021-11-23

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In order to promote its animal services on the web and to promote its sign for dog care to the general public, the website does not hesitate to use intermediary people to deposit false animal care ads on specialized sites including dog care and dog walking.

These intermediaries try to place an ad on sites that are very visited by Internet users and well referenced on the web and search engines with well-built advertising texts for the benefit of "Emprunte Mon Toutou". Their commercial text clearly cites the entity and the application "Emprunte Mon Toutou" with an explicit valuation studied and well staged.

As diverse as the service presented or the quality of the service offered by this application dedicated to dogs, it is a marketing method to be denounced in order to warn Internet users and serious sites for the care of animals including those that allow to place a free and automatic ad because the fake advertisers of "Emprunte Mon Toutou" do not place advertisements on paid ad sites.


As proof, as a witness to the vicious actions generated by, the online directory No. 1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo was one of the targeted sites and was the subject of an ad deposit fortunately not completed because is a site of ads paid animal services.

The intermediary person abandoned his fake ad when switching it to the payment page because all paid quality sites generally check each ad placed which is the case of which systematically controls and optimizes all the ads to appear.

After seeing this fake ad notified and, having all the information of the fake advertiser, sent an email to the intermediary person to warn him of the rules to be respected.


However, is a partner of the "Magazine 30 millions d'amis" which must certainly not be aware of the visibility methods used by this site. Please note.



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