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Connected kibble dispenser with integrated camera for dog cat

On 2023-08-04

In Pet News



Considered as the big brother of the programmable kibble dispenser model for dog cat, the kibble dispenser connected with camera and wifi for cats and small dogs allows on the one hand, to remotely program the meals to be served to his pet from a smartphone or tablet via a generally free application that can be used with IOS or Android. Free app provides notifications useful to know in order to be notified when the animal has been served or to be informed when the food level is low and when the kibble tank is empty.

On the other hand, the kibble dispenser connected with integrated camera for dog cat offers the possibility with the integrated webcam to communicate remotely with his cat or dog and hear everything that happens in the habitat thanks to a microphone integrated into the image of a surveillance camera or a high-end camera trap

There are different models of kibble dispensers connected with webcam and wifi for sale on the internet or in pet stores and pet shops, some models of which offer additional options such as programming up to 12 meals with adjustable portions according to the age and state of health of the animal, slow distribution for animals that eat too quickly,  a large food tank and a low noise nuisance of the kibble dispenser connected cat dog.

The manufacturer's warranty of a connected kibble dispenser for dog cats varies between 6 months and 2 years depending on the quality of the models and options included.


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