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Kibble dispenser for cats dogs - Programmable & Recorder

On 2023-07-29

In Pet News



There are many brands for the vast majority foreign that market to individuals in France and around the world distributors of cat food and distributors of dog food whether it is a programmable kibble dispenser, a connected kibble dispenser or a kibble dispenser with large tank

The kibble dispenser for cats and small dogs has various advantages, the main ones being to allow better monitoring of a pet's diet by controlling kibble dosages through simple programming and rationalizing food according to the age and state of health of the dog or cat. Thus, the kibble dispenser for dogs and cats serves meals at regular intervals automatically which improves well-being and the autonomy of the animal.

Also, many kibble dispensers have a large tank capacity between 1kg and 5kg depending on the model, which makes it possible to distribute several meals a day for a certain time without the need to hand over kibble. Note that the conservation of dog cat kibble is optimal thanks to the perfectly hermetic closed tank.

Designed for people who are absent a day or more and who must leave their pet at home, it is now possible to choose a model cat kibble dispenser with voice recorder or a dog kibble dispenser with voice recorder to broadcast different voice messages.


Despite all their advantages, automatic kibble dispensers generate some slight disadvantages such as operation on mains or batteries and some kibble dispenser models prove to be noisy and uncomfortable for the animal and the master and other models lack ergonomics and take up a lot of space in a habitat.


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