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Kibble Purina Whiskas Friskies Ultima

On 2022-10-21

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Like humans, cats also have taste preferences and they know how to recognize good quality food and small or poor quality cat food.

By testing different cats on the diet and cat kibble we can quickly realize that a cat will select and this, as soon as the smell, premium kibble or natural kibble at the place of mid-range cat kibble or cat kibble 1st price.

Apart from the palatability and quality of the ingredients used, manufacturers of kibble for adult cats, sterilized cats and kittens innovate in order to design cat kibble with the best nutritional values such as veterinary kibble, organic kibble and kibble with natural ingredients.

In supermarkets such as Carrefour, Leclerc, Intermarché, Hyper U, Auchan and Casino or in pet and garden centers, we usually have for choice in the pet store and animal food department, some brands of cat kibble with Whiskas kibble, Friskies kibble, Ultima kibble, Perfect Fit kibble, Purina One kibble and kibble Private label.


What is the best cat kibble for sale in stores and pet stores?

In view of the tests carried out in practice with cats, we can see in order of preference that the brands kibbles Purina One, kibbles Perfect Fit and kibble Ultima are very appreciated by cats but they are also the most expensive cat kibble on store shelves.

The cat kibble brands Whiskas and Friskies are less appreciated by small cats but they have the main advantage of being cheaper to buy. 


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