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Leboncoin stops the sale of wild animals

On 2023-10-03

In Pet News



For many years, the famous Leboncoin site allowed the sale of wild animals via the classified ads of individuals and professionals. Since September 21, 2023, Leboncoin has anticipated the new law on the sale of animals to be valid from January 1, 2024 and announced the removal of ads concerning the sale of wild animals but continues to allow the sale of pets. This information has been relayed in all paper and television newspapers which has generated free national advertising and a remarkable marketing coup while the Animal Protection Associations and a large part of the French population want Leboncoin to completely abolish the ads for the sale of animals whether dogs, cats and other pet nac's

Indeed, in view of the substantial financial results achieved by Leboncoin the most visited website in France could easily stop all sales of animals without suffering on their future. In addition, there is no consistency in mixing ads for automobile, real estate, furniture and other products with the sale of animals or pet sitting leboncoin.

Namely that the sale of wild animals is prohibited in France and often associated with illegal trafficking, which is why the General Assembly and the Senate voted on October 21, 2021 an amendment to stop the commercial exploitation of wild species, by prohibiting their acquisition and reproduction within two years and their presence in travelling circuses within seven years.

Note that from January 1, 2024, the sale of dogs and cats will be prohibited in pet stores but an individual will still be able to give a cat or a dog and sell a cat or dog for people who hold the mother of the kitten or puppy because they will be considered dog breeders or feline breeders.