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Animal magazine, which one to choose & which to avoid

On 2021-11-19

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Animal magazines in printed paper format are not numerous in France and they are disappearing more and more in favor of the digital animal magazine accessible directly on the web.

Most digital or printed animal magazines are paid but you can also find a free animal magazine such as the Animal Magazine "Savoir Animal".

The monthly magazine "Savoir Animal" is dedicated to pets (dog, cat, rabbit, hamsternac, reptile, horses...) and wild animals (lion, tiger, cheetah, panther, giraffe, elephant, meerkat, monkey, ant, crocodile, wolf...). The editorial staff of the animal magazine "Savoir Animal" works voluntarily out of a passion for animals, like the Editor-in-Chief Lalia ANDASMAS and her team.

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Specialized dog magazines for dogs are highly sought after on the web and the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo that allow you to choose your favorite dog magazine easily such as the monthly dog magazine "Mel Pet & Co" specializing in dogs.

The dog magazine "Mel Pet and Co" is available according to everyone's preference in digital form or in high quality magazine paper format with cheap subscription prices.

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Which animal magazine should be avoided and why?

Unfortunately, there are also animal magazines to avoid for several reasons such as the animal magazine of Ouest-France which is called "Le Mag du Chien", "Le Mag du Chat" and "Le Mag des Animaux" with the website.

This digital magazine is managed by an execrable and disrespectful editor in the reception and communication with professionals specialized in the animal world on the one hand, and this magazine "Le Mag du Chien", "Le Mag du Chat" or "Le Mag des Animaux" serves only as a digital showcase for the daily newspaper Ouest-France but also for the purpose of selling dog insurance.

The online directory made the bitter experience during a telephone meeting. As a synthesis, we do not see how this type of individual and animal magazine can serve animals and readers.


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