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Miniature cows, the new pets

On 2024-02-29

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Fashion phenomenon or real attachment, miniature cows are talking about them as new pets. Coming from the United States, the acquisition of a miniature cow as a domestic animal is growing all over the world despite its very expensive selling price ranging from €8,000 to more than €20,000 depending on the type and origin of the cow miniature.

Initially bred for several centuries for their meat and milk, miniature cows also called mini cows are small cows that can measure between 70 cm and 90 cm in height at the shoulder and weigh between 200 kg and 350 kg approximately, 3 times lighter than traditional cows. The miniature cow has the characteristics of being calm, gentle, docile, affectionate, resistant with easy and inexpensive maintenance consisting mainly of water and hay.

They mainly come from the United States, Ireland, Scotland or India and, given the growing demand from individuals to acquire a miniature cow, the breeding of miniature cows will begin to grow in France, which is good news for breeders cattle and French farmers. Also, soon, there will be miniature cow care or mini-cow care in the category of animal services and animal care professions.

Miniature cows require the need to have land fenced and large enough to be able to walk around and graze and like equines, it is advisable to call a veterinarian at least once a year to check good health of the miniature cow.


What are the different breeds of miniature cows?

There are many breeds of mini cows including Dahomey, Vechur Mini Jersey, Miniature Highland, Dexter, Palsho, Zebu, Miniature Hereford, Miniature Angus, Miniature Panda, Dwarf Punganur...


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