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Pet sitting Clermont-Ferrand

On 2021-08-31

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Looking for an animal guard in Clermont-Ferrand and the surrounding area to have your dog or cat looked after is not always easy when it comes to looking for a reliable, competent and trusted person.

In order to guarantee a perfect reliability of the missions of dog guard and cat guard, it is strongly recommended to use a professional dog-sitter or a professional cat-sitter holding ACACED (Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species). ACACED training courses are offered with specific and different options depending on the animal cat, dog ...  


To easily find everywhere in France and DOM-TOM a professional pet guard or a particular animal guard, there is the online directory which lists all the providers of services for animals and all the good information to know concerning our friends the beasts.


Clermont-Ferrand in the City Center and around the districts Centre Ancien, Vieux Clermont, Vallières, Les Salins, Gare, Vieux Montferrand, Blatin, Chanteranne, Champratel, Les Vergnes, Croix de Neyrat, Ilot 1st May, Fontaine du Bac, L'Oradou, La Gauthière, La Glacière, La Plaine, La Pardieu, Le Brezet, La Pradelle, La Raye Dieu, Léon Blum, République, Montjuzet, Sablon, Trudaine, Saint-Alyre, Saint-Jacques,

and in the neighbouring communes of Chamalières, Royat, Beaumont, Aubière, Lempdes, Aulnat, Malintrat, Gerzat

63000 Clermont-Ferrand



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