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Pet sitting Paris & Hotel accepting dog cat Olympic Games 2024

On 2023-05-15

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During the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, it is obvious that the entire city of Paris, the outskirts and the Ile-de-France Region will be delighted by crowds from all over the France and from all over the world who have come to attend this international sports event so eagerly awaited by fans and sports fans.

Also, it is necessary to book from now on the organization of the stay in Paris Olympic Games 2024 especially for visitors who own a pet.

Some cat owners must find a cat boarding or cat sitter at home via a professional cat-sitter and dog owners can have their pet kept in canine boarding or at home via a professional dog-sitter or take their dog during the stay in Paris. In order to take your dog to Paris Olympics 2024, it is also imperative to book now a room in a pet-friendly hotel or dog-friendly hotel in Paris see near Paris 2024 in the neighboring departments in the Ile-de-France Region and to plan the reservation with a dog boarding or dog nursery to ensure dog care and dog walking during visits to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games where pet dogs are not accepted except guide dogs kept on a leash for blind people.

All visitors not driven and accompanied by a dog at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games must remember to book with a Paris animal taxi or a pet-friendly VTC driver for all trips and visits to be planned during the stay.


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