Journee mondiale des animaux

World Animal Day, know everything.

On 2023-10-04

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World Animal Day is an international day celebrated every year on 4 October whose actions aim to improve animal rights, animal welfare and animal living conditions as well as to ensure diversity in the wild or to fight against animal abuse and abandonment

Historically, the World Animal Day initiative was introduced during the International Congress for the Protection of Animals in Vienna in 1929, then it was at the congress held in Florence in 1931 that World Animal Day was officially established. 

Animal advocates around the world celebrate World Animal Day on October 4, St. Francis of Assisi's Day because the founder of the Franciscan order and patron saint of animals regarded animals as living creations of God, elevating them to the rank of the man's brother. St. Francis of Assisi was and often is called upon in prayers to protect animals, to heal a sick animal or to find a lost animal. St. Francis of Assisi considered that even an earthworm responded to the divine will and was worthy of protection.

World Animal Day also has the role of raising awareness among the public and the various institutions on the importance of respect for animal life, with the aim of attracting the attention of governments and citizens around the world.


What actions are being taken in France for World Animal Day?

In France, several actions are carried out for World Animal Day such as:

Awareness-raising operations: These operations aim to explain how to preserve nearby natural places. They can take the form of educational workshops, seminars, campaigns against animal abuse, the use of fur, etc.

Open doors in animal shelters or animal protection associations: These events encourage the adoption of animals and allow people to fully understand the work of shelters and associations.

Protests against acts of cruelty to animals.

Important political decisions: For example, in September 2020, the Minister of Ecological Transition announced the beginning of a transition to circuses or travelling shows without wild animals.

Special attention for pets: For example, organize a small party for your pet dog or cat.



However, in 2023, it is important to note that pets mainly dogs and cats are increasingly abandoned in France with sad records of animal abandonment every year and that all animal shelters are overwhelmed and can no longer welcome other animals. It is urgent to react and to crack down systematically and more heavily all those guilty of malicious acts against animals or who abandon their animals.