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Sleeping near wild animals, Hotel Zoo de la Flèche

On 2022-08-12

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Who has not already dreamed one day of being able to sleep safely near lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other wild animals. Thanks to its Safari Lodge Hotel, the Zoo de la Flèche innovates and makes it possible to realize this sensational and exceptional experience to live.


The principle of the hotel zoo de la Flèche is to offer a total immersion with rooms equipped with a fully glazed wall offering a visual and a direct panorama of wild animals. From each room of the Safari Lodge hotel, you can observe in perfect safety and sleep in front of lions, tigers, cheetahs, bears, wolves or lemurs according to the thematic rooms. The wild animals of the zoo of La Flèche regularly come at their convenience near the bay windows because they are above all on their territory but they also approach to keep an eye on the visitors comfortably installed in the rooms of the Safari Lodge hotel.


This great immersion offered by the zoo de la Flèche is coupled with entrance tickets to visit the zoo during the day. To take advantage of the offer of the immersive Safari Lodge hotel + entrance zoo de la Flèche, it is easy to book a hotel + ticket directly on the internet via the official website zoo-la-fleche.com and safari-lodge.fr.

Safari Lodge hotel prices may vary depending on the date of stay, the choice of room, the options and services desired.

The hotel has a gastronomic catering service and allows the organization of birthday or personalized event on request.


In view of the large number of reservations and the advertising generated to attract visitors to the Zoological Park of La Flèche, there is a good chance that this type of original and atypical hotel will multiply throughout France in zoos, zoological parks and animal parks