38 Pet Sitter & animal care - Grenoble

38 Pet Sitter & animal care - Grenoble

Passionate about animals with many years of experience, I propose you to come and visit your dogs, cats, rodents ... at your home for short or long periods (dog walks, visits, food ...).


An alternative to kennels, your hairballs stay in their environment so less stress....

During your stay, I regularly send you news of your loulous, by messages and photos.


I intervene in Grenoble in the City Center and in the vicinity in the department 38 Isère.

Graduated ACACED, I obtained my certificate of ability as well as my certificate of aptitude essential for the care of dogs, I also worked for the SPA of Paris. * Training dog behaviorist educator.

As a professional Dog-sitter, I accept all types of dogs (cat 1 and 2) for dog care.


For all information and reservations, please contact me.

Contact servicespouranimaux.com


38000 Grenoble