68 Animal guard & Pet Sitter - Mulhouse

68 Animal guard & Pet Sitter - Mulhouse

Dog walker, Pension for dogs & cats

Home pet care 


pet sitting services for dogs, cats, rodents, ferrets, birds and fish.

Different formulas and services for pets are offered such as

_ dog-walker, dog sitter, dog pension

_ cat-sitter, feline pension

_ home visits

_ transport of animals

Dog sitter dog walker garde de chien promeneur de chien pension canine mulhouse haut rhin 68 grand est

Interventions in Mulhouse in the City Center and around the districts Gare, Rebberg, Bas Rebberg, La Fonderie, Dornach, Haut-Poirier, Drouot-Barbanègre, Daffodils, Brustlein,

and in the neighbouring municipalities of Brunstatt, Riedisheim, Rixheim, Zimmersheim, Didenheim, Morschwiller-le-Bas, Lutterbach, Pfastatt, Illzach, Sausheim...

Cat sitter garde de chat pension feline mulhouse haut rhin 68 grand est

For all information and reservations, please contact us.

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68170 Rixheim


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