68 Pet Guard - Pet Sitter - Mulhouse

68 Pet Guard - Pet Sitter - Mulhouse

Dog walker, Pension for dogs & cats

Home pet care 


pet sitting services for dogs, cats, rodents, ferrets, birds and fish.

Different formulas and services for pets are offered such as

_ dog-walker, dog sitter, dog pension

_ cat-sitter, feline pension

_ home visits

_ transport of animals


Interventions in Mulhouse in the City Center and around the districts Gare, Rebberg, Bas Rebberg, La Fonderie, Dornach, Haut-Poirier, Drouot-Barbanègre, Daffodils, Brustlein,

and in the neighbouring municipalities of Brunstatt, Riedisheim, Rixheim, Zimmersheim, Didenheim, Morschwiller-le-Bas, Lutterbach, Pfastatt, Illzach, Sausheim...


For all information and reservations, please contact us.

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