59 Pet Guard - Pet Sitter - Dunkerque

59 Pet Guard - Pet Sitter - Dunkerque

Pet-sitter pet services (cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, birds...).

Interventions in Dunkerque in the city centre and around the Saint-Gilles neighbourhoods, Soubise, Citadel, Grand Large, Gare, Glacis, Victoire, Dunkerque-Sud, Lower Town, Ile Jeanty, Carré de la Vieille, Petite-Synthe, Malo-les-Bains, Mardyck, Rosendael, Saint-Pol-sur-Mer, Fort-Mardyck, Banc Vert, Grande-Synthe, Albeck, Europe, Moulin, and in Loon-Plage, Les Huttes, Coudekerque-Branche, Cappelle-la-Grande, Armbouts-Cappel, Teteghem, Uxem, Leffrinckoucke, Zuydcoote, Bray-Dunes, Ghyvelde, Les Moeres...


pet care at home, cat keeper at home, dog keeper at home

_ Dog walks

_ Feeding animals at home

_ Cleaning accessories and litter

_ Transporting animals in an air-conditioned vehicle

(strictly respected health protocol)


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