53 Pet Care & Pet Sitter - Laval

53 Pet Care & Pet Sitter - Laval

Terre de Légendes offers different formulas and services for animals.

_ Keeping dogs, cats, NACs and horses as a Pet-sitter (Dog-sitter, Cat-sitter) at the homes of individuals.

_ Guard pension for dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, NAC.

_ Dog trainer / behaviorist, puppy school Canine Sports (Canicross, Cani VTT, Cani Rando, Agility / Obéjump and Educational walk) Treatment of cynophobia (fear of the dog)

_ Sale of accessories and kibble for dogs and cats

Training license to keep categorized dog (category 2) Course "Cooking treats and cakes for dog and cat" and "Discovering the world of dogs and cats" Stakeholders Bite prevention "PECCRAM"

Garde d animaux laval garde de chien mayenne garde de chat 53 pension canine felineWe operate in departments 53 / 35 / 44 / 49 / 72 

In Laval downtown and around neighborhoods Thévalles, Tertre, Saint-Nicolas, Les Pommeraies, Hilard, Le Pavement, Fourches, Grenoux, 

Préfecture, Cathédrale, Bootz, Bourny, 

Avesnières, et à Saint-Berthevin, Changé, Louverné, Bong-Champ-lès-Laval, Argentré, Louvigné, Forcé, Entrammes, L'Huisserie, Montigné-le-Brillant, Courbeveille, Ahuillé...

Garde d animaux laval garde de chien mayenne garde de chat 53 pension canine feline nacFor all information and reservations, please contact us.

Contact Terre de Légendes at

by email: terredelegendes.contact@gmail.com

Website: Land of Legends


Garde d animaux pet sitter dog sitter cat sitter pension chien educateur laval mayenne 53

Le Riffray

53350 Brains-sur-les-Marches



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